Building Blocks Tool (BBT)

The Building Blocks Tool (BBT) improves pre-development costing estimations for product managers and their teams. By leveraging existing design "blocks", the BBT enables quick and accurate estimation of new product ideas, saving time and minimizing inaccuracies. With realistic cost estimations, product managers can enhance business models, increase credibility, and secure support for new product development. Moreover, the BBT acts as a knowledge management tool, offering a library of design blocks and costings for efficient reuse in future projects, thereby streamlining development processes and improving time to market.

Business Manager

The 'Business Manager' is designed to store all key information relating to the business(es) in the organisation and as a 'quick access' to key resources, including business details, bank accounts, notes, documents, products and staff.


Whether you are working in pounds, euros or dollars, Vizula supports multiple currencies. Monthly exchange rates are automatically added to Vizula at the end of each month, based on OFX rates.

Customer Support


Vizula uses document folders as a way of keeping key information and data at the point in your business that you need it.

HR Manager

We understand that managing HR tasks can be a time-consuming process, which is why Vizula offers an HR management system that helps to streamline the process and makes it easy to manage all aspects of your employees' life cycle within your organization. With Vizula's HR management system, you can track all employment changes, including benefits, holiday, sickness, leave, discipline, progress, and location. You can enter file notes of meetings and upload key documents to the employee's repository for easy access and reference. This ensures that you have a complete and accurate record of each employee's performance and progress, making it easier to manage their career development and support their professional growth.

Key Dependency List (KDL)

The Key Dependency List (KDL) tool provides a central place to capture and manage key dependencies for each product, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the dependencies and their potential impact on the product as it moves into the sales phase. By identifying and tracking dependencies, you can proactively manage risks to supply and avoid potential delays or disruptions. The KDL tool allows you to categorize these dependencies based on their type, such as supply chain, key components, key services, or key personnel. You can assign an owner to each dependency and track its status, priority, and resolution. The tool also enables you to create contingency plans for each dependency, including identifying and evaluating second source suppliers, developing mitigation strategies, and setting up communication protocols with stakeholders.


The library is designed as a multi-purpose database to store items / components / subsystems which may be repeatedly used throughout Vizula.

Location Manager

The 'Location Manager' is designed to store all key information relating to the location(s) in the organisation and as a 'quick access' to key resources, including location details, public holidays, notes, documents and staff.

My Page

'My Page' is designed to offer a quick access to all relevant information for the logged in user. It contains all outstanding Issues and Risks assigned to the user, a list of all products where the user has an active involvement, a personalised ToDo list, a personalised set of notes, information relating to the access rights the user has to the system and a place to change their password.


Many pages and databases in Vizula contain a 'NOTES' function. With the single exception of Product Notes being shared with PLC Notes related to the same product, 'Notes' are specific to each area of Vizula and every set of notes is unique. e.g. 'Notes' for one product or employee are not shared with notes for any other product or employee.

Phasegate Signoff

The Vizula phasegate sign-off process is a formalised event that brings a 'checks & balances' approach to each phase of the product life cycle.

Phasegate System

One of the biggest investments a technology business will make, is into its NPI activities. It is therefore crucial for the business to ensure that its NPI investment is maximised and not wasted. Having a focussed, controlled and formalised NPI process can not only improve the return on investment, it can focus resources and provide a platform to improve the business NPI culture.


The Product Portfolio gives a consolidated or filtered five year dashboard of all of your products. Views for Revenue, Margin, Timeline, Weighted Revenue and Weighted Margin can be selected and filtering can be applied to ensure that you select only the groupings you need.

Process Manager

Product Manager

The 'Product Manager' page is specifically designed for Product Managers in order document ideas and to assist in the rapid creation and development the product business model. It is used to describe and communicate a product to the rest of the business and is the 'front-end' of the NPI process.

Product Issues List (PIL)

The Vizula ‘Product Issues List’ (PIL) is an essential tool that ensures that no key issue affecting any of your products goes unnoticed. At Vizula, we understand the importance of identifying and resolving issues quickly to ensure that every one of your products are performing at their best throughout their entire product life cycle. Each product has its own PIL, which can be used to record every issue as it arises, helping to ensure that all issues are captured and that nothing falls through the cracks. Team members can be assigned to each issue, giving them a priority and a due date, so that they can be resolved in a timely manner.

Product PLC

The PRODUCT PLC page is designed to control the life cycle of each product. The page contains the main Phasegate system along with tools to assist team collaboration and communication, including: Product Requirements Document (PRD), Product Issues List (PIL), Product Risks List (PRL), Product Notes, Product Documents, Stakeholders List, Project Log and Key Dependency List (KDL)

Product Lifecycle Modelling

Vizula uses Product Life Cycle modelling as a rapid way to generate product forecasts. Vizula will generate a PLC curve based on a set of parameters and this curve is used to create monthly sales units for the product. This monthly sales data, together with sales price and margin %, is used to generate a five year forecast & business model.

Product Progress Chart

Vizula provides a unique progress chart, designed to give an immediate snapshot of the progress of any product currently in development.

Product Requirements Document (PRD)

The Vizula ‘Product Requirements Document (PRD)’ is an essential tool that ensures that every product stakeholder understands the requirements of each new product. At Vizula, we understand the importance of clear communication and collaboration between the project team and the product team, and the PRD is a key component in achieving this. The PRD is an interactive document that allows stakeholders to provide feedback and comments, ensuring that all requirements are fully understood and accurately represented. This collaborative approach helps to reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings and enables all stakeholders to work together towards a common goal.

Product Risks List (PRL)

Managing risks is an integral part of any successful product development process. At Vizula, we understand that identifying and mitigating risks early on can make all the difference in the success of your products. That's why we offer the Product Risks List (PRL) tool which enables you to identify all potential risks to your new products and document them in detail. Each risk is given a likelihood of happening and an impact if it does occur. These values help you prioritize the risks and determine which ones require the most attention.

Project Log

Every product in Vizula contains a log of all changes which occurs during its life cycle. Changes to selling price, margin, timescales, sign offs and many other parameters are stored and available for immediate recall at any time. This log can be used during lessons learned in order to help improve your NPI process. Especially useful is the facility to diarize changes in product timescales which can occur during product development, thereby establishing a clear correlation between these events and the subsequent effect on forecast revenue.


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If you are a Vizula SME or Vizula Multisite customer, you have the option of storing a database of your shareholders. This is purely for reference purposes.


Adding stakeholders to your products ensures that all relevant major team members are kept informed of progress as your products moves through its life cycle.

ToDo List

The ‘ToDo list’ list is a task management tool personalised to each user, helping them never forget an important task again. Each user can prioritize their workload and ensure that everything is completed on time, by tracking task progress and seeing which tasks are still outstanding. This helps them to stay on top of their workload and manage their time more effectively.

User Rights

In Vizula, all of the pages and key functions of the system have access rights protection, meaning that all users can be specifically granted varying levels of access. The only user who will ALWAYS have total access to every feature of the system is the owner of the account. In the first instance, this is the person who created the Vizula account, but the owner can be modified.
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