'Building Blocks' is a tool for Product Managers to build costings based on historical designs. Often, new products are derivatives of existing products, using similar design blocks, materials, metalwork, components, castings, toolings and sub-systems. In Vizula, these design blocks can be entered into the Vizula library as library items, which contain a costing (min & max) and are then available to the Building Blocks tool in order to rapidly and more accurately build costing estimate for new products.

Building Blocks Totals
Two totals are calculated for each Building Block.
  • Min - This is the minimum cost sum of all building block items.
  • Max - This is the maximum cost sum of all building block items.

Hyperlinking to Library Item information
If a library item has been hyperlinked, then you can click the hyperlink icon to go straight to the linked page.

Editing a Library Item from the Building Block tool.
A user with Library edit rights can link directly to a library item by clicking the 'Library' icon

Downloading a CSV file
The Building Block can be downloaded as a CSV file.
1. Click on the download icon to download the full BBT as a csv file.
1. Open the BBT by clicking on the 'Building Blocks Tool' icon. The BBT will open.

Adding a Building Block Item from the Library
1. With the BBT opened, click on the 'Add Item' (BLOCK) icon.
2. The 'Select Library Item' sub-menu will open.

3. Select the library item to add to the BBT.
4. The selected library item will be added to the Building Block Items list where you can now modify the quantity in column QTY

Editing a Building Block Item Quantity.
1. Select the item you wish to edit by clicking it. The item will be highlighted as follows:-

2. The quantity on any Building Block item can be adjusted directly in the Building Block item list in column QTY

Adding a Library Item from the BBT
If you have Library controller rights, you have the option of adding a new item to the library whilst constructing your building block.
1. With the BBT opened, click on the 'Add Item' (BLOCK) icon.

2. From the 'Select Library Item' menu, click on the 'Add Library Item' icon and the 'Add Library Item' menu will open.

3. Fill in this menu and click 'ADD'. The 'Add Library Item' menu will close and your new library item will be added to the library. It is now available to add as a building block item.
4. The 'Select Library Item' menu will re-open.

Reordering Building Block Items.
1. Click on any Building Block Item to put it into edit mode as follows:

2. Once in edit mode, the item position can be changed by pressing the 'up' and 'down' cursor key buttons.
3. The edit mode can be closed by clicking the 'Close Edit' icon on the right hand side of the Building Block item. However, it does not need to be closed.

Deleting a Building Block Item
1. With the Building Block tool open, click the 'Enable Delete Mode' icon
2. The icon will turn red and all Building Block items listed will be put into delete enable mode, displaying a trash symbol in its left hand column.

3. Click on the Building Block item you wish to remove and the a confirmation sub-menu will be displayed asking for confirmation of deleting the item.
4. Click 'DELETE' to remove the item. NOTE: This does not delete the item in the library.
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