Many pages and databases in Vizula contain a 'NOTES' function . With the single exception of Product Notes being shared with Project Notes related to the same product, 'Notes' are specific to each area of Vizula and every set of notes is unique. e.g. 'Notes' for one product or employee are not shared with notes for any other product or employee.

Notes Menu or Notes Tile
Some pages have the 'Notes' function embedded into a tile. In this case you will see an 'Add Note' icon in the top right of the tile.
Other pages have 'Notes' menu which can be opened by clicking the 'Notes' icon . In this case, click the icon and the 'Notes' sub-menu will open as follows:

Viewing / Editing a Note
1. Click on the note you wish to view or edit in the notes list.
2. The 'Edit Note' sub-menu will open.

3. Edit the note accordingly.
4. Click the OK button.

Adding a Note
1. Click the AddNote icon
2. The "Edit Note" sub-menu will open.

3. The date will automatically be set to today's date, but you have the opportunity to amend it accordingly.
4. Add a TITLE and NOTE.
5. Click the OK button.

Deleting a Note
1. Click the 'Enable Delete Mode' icon
2. The Delete icon will turn red and all notes will have a delete icon in the first column, indicating that delete mode is enabled.
3. Click on the note you wish to delete.
4. A confirmation menu will appear asking if you are sure you wish to delete.
5. Click 'DELETE' to delete the note.
6. You can disengage the delete enabled mode at anytime by clicking the 'Disable Delete Mode' icon.
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