Vizula MultiSite

Vizula MultiSite is a comprehensive solution designed for larger businesses seeking increased visibility and a consistent approach to NPI.

With its ability to work across multiple NPI teams, business units and locations, Vizula MultiSite provides a unified and consolidated view of all product development activities, empowering larger businesses to make data-driven decisions in order to optimize their NPI investments and improve revenue growth from new product introduction.

Vizula MultiSite enables businesses to track product development progress, manage their product portfolio, and drive a common process across teams, ultimately improving productivity and increasing revenue.

Vizula MultiSite gives access to all of Vizula's features to an unlimited number of users in your business.

NPI Product Portfolio

Give your business NPI the competitive edge by using Vizula to manage your NPI product portfolio. With Vizula, you can streamline and enhance your product development process and make improved data-driven investment decisions, giving your business an advantage over competitors who may be lagging behind in their product management strategies.

Product Lifecycle Modelling

Product Life Cycle (PLC) modelling is a widely accepted approach to understand the stages of a product's life, from market introduction to end of life.

At Vizula, we use PLC modelling as a powerful tool to help product managers generate accurate forecasts quickly and efficiently. Our algorithms use a set of inputs to generate a PLC curve which then serves as the basis for creating monthly sales units for the product. By combining this data with sales price and target margin %, we can generate a comprehensive five-year forecast and business model, all without hours of spreadsheet maintenance.

Seven Step PhaseGate System

Take control of your investments into NPI by using a flexible and process driven approach for a formalised & disciplined sign-off at every key phase. Reassess your investments at every step, ensuring transparency and continued validation of each development whilst keeping focussed on key business NPI growth. Get management team visibility into each investment through Vizula’s real-time informative dashboards, having confidence that each development team are tracking timescales, requirements, issues and risks whilst also diarizing development slippages & actions for a lessons learned approach to long-term improvement in NPI delivery.

Vizula Progress Chart

Vizula provides a unique progress chart, designed to give an immediate snapshot of the progress of any product currently in development.

Project Logging

Every product in Vizula contains a log of all changes which occurs during its life cycle. Changes to selling price, margin, timescales, sign offs and many other parameters are stored and available for immediate recall at any time. This log can be used during lessons learned in order to help improve your NPI process.

Especially useful is the facility to diarize changes in product timescales which can occur during product development, thereby establishing a clear correlation between these events and the subsequent effect on forecast revenue.

Multi-Currency Support

Whether you are working in pounds, euros or dollars, Vizula supports multiple currencies. Vizula currently supports GBP, USD, EUR, JPY, CHF and AUD but other currencies can be supported on request. Monthly exchange rates are automatically added to Vizula at the end of each month, based on OFX rates.

Interactive Product Requirements Document (iPRD)

The Vizula ‘Interactive Product Requirements Document (iPRD)’ is an essential tool that ensures that every product stakeholder understands the requirements of each new product. At Vizula, we understand the importance of clear communication and collaboration between the project team and the product team, and the iPRD is a key component in achieving this.

Our iPRD is at the heart of each new product, providing a mechanism for the project team to rate each requirement, indicate whether they understand the requirement and whether it can be achieved or not. This process encourages healthy discussions between the project team and the product team, closing all avenues of misunderstanding and ensuring a more efficient development process for your business.

The iPRD is an interactive document that allows stakeholders to provide feedback and comments, ensuring that all requirements are fully understood and accurately represented. This collaborative approach helps to reduce the risk of errors and misunderstandings and enables all stakeholders to work together towards a common goal.

With Vizula iPRD, you can be confident that everyone involved in the development process has a clear understanding of the product requirements. This leads to more effective product development, reduced time-to-market, and a better product overall

Product Issues List (PIL)

The Vizula ‘Product Issues List’ (PIL) is an essential tool that ensures that no key issue affecting any of your products goes unnoticed. At Vizula, we understand the importance of identifying and resolving issues quickly to ensure that every one of your products are performing at their best throughout their entire product life cycle.

Each product has its own PIL, which can be used to record every issue as it arises. This helps to ensure that all issues are captured and that nothing falls through the cracks. Team members can be assigned to each issue, giving them a priority and a due date, so that they can be resolved in a timely manner.

By using the PIL, you can monitor both open and resolved issues to indicate the 'health' of a product, whether it's still in development or later on in its sales cycle. This helps you to identify potential risks and minimize those nasty surprises that can impact your product's success.

With the Vizula PIL, you can be confident that every issue affecting your products is being tracked and resolved in a timely manner. This leads to better product quality, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger bottom line.

Product Risks List (PRL)

Managing risks is an integral part of any successful product development process. At Vizula, we understand that identifying and mitigating risks early on can make all the difference in the success of your products.

That's why we offer the Product Risks List (PRL) tool. The PRL enables you to identify all potential risks to your new products and document them in detail. Each risk is given a likelihood of happening and an impact if it does occur. These values help you prioritize the risks and determine which ones require the most attention.

Once the risks have been identified and prioritized, they can be assigned to a team member for monitoring and evaluation. This person is responsible for keeping an eye on the risk and ensuring that it is being addressed in a timely and effective manner. They are also responsible for developing a mitigation contingency plan to minimize the impact of the risk if it does occur.

By using the PRL, you can be confident that you have identified all potential risks to your products and have a plan in place to mitigate them. This leads to better product quality, improved customer satisfaction, and a stronger bottom line.

ToDo List

Vizula provides a ‘ToDo list’ task management tool personalised to each user helping them never forget an important task again. Each user can prioritize their workload and ensure that everything is completed on time, by tracking task progress and seeing which tasks are still outstanding. This helps them to stay on top of their workload and manage their time more effectively.

Unlimited Users

Vizula MultiSite allows you to give access to an unlimited number of users on your account. Each user is managed in the Vizula Users page where they are assigned access 'rights' as 'Controller', 'Editor' or 'Viewer', or blocked from access completely to each area within your account.

Organisation Database

Vizula offers a centralized platform to store and organize your data, allowing your teams to focus on NPI delivery, growth and collaboration. Vizula provides an easy and flexible way to access the information your business needs when it is needed, helping to eliminate chaos and stay organized.

The Organisation Database provides a way of storing key information relating to your organisation's business and location.

Key Dependency List (KDL)

The Key Dependency List (KDL) tool provides a central place to capture and manage key dependencies for each product, ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the dependencies and their potential impact on the product as it moves into the sales phase. By identifying and tracking dependencies, you can proactively manage risks to supply and avoid potential delays or disruptions.

The KDL tool allows you to categorize dependencies based on their type, such as supply chain, key components, key services, or key personnel. You can assign an owner to each dependency and track its status, priority, and resolution. The tool also enables you to create contingency plans for each dependency, including identifying and evaluating second source suppliers, developing mitigation strategies, and setting up communication protocols with stakeholders.

With the KDL tool, you can stay on top of all the dependencies that affect your products, make informed decisions, and minimize the impact of any unexpected events.

Building Blocks Tool (BBT)

The Building Blocks Tool (BBT) is designed to help product managers and their teams with pre-development costing estimations. It offers an innovative and efficient approach to accurately estimate the cost of new product ideas, even before they enter the development phase. The BBT works by utilizing existing design "blocks" and their corresponding costings to quickly estimate the cost of new product ideas. This saves valuable time and reduces the potential for inaccuracies in the estimation process.

The BBT also helps to improve the accuracy of business models by providing realistic cost estimations, which in turn helps proactive product managers to gain support for their ideas from business stakeholders. With the BBT, product managers can demonstrate the feasibility of their ideas and their potential profitability, which can lead to increased investment in new product development.

Additionally, the BBT can be used as a knowledge management tool for product development teams. It provides a library of existing design blocks and their costings, which can be easily accessed and reused in future product development projects, helping to streamline the development process and reduce costs.


Vizula provides a library in support of both the Building Blocks Tool (BBT) and the Key Dependency List (KDL).

HR Management System

We understand that managing HR tasks can be a time-consuming process, which is why Vizula offers an HR management system that helps to streamline the process and makes it easy to manage all aspects of your employees' life cycle within your organization.

With Vizula's HR management system, you can track all employment changes, including benefits, holiday, sickness, leave, discipline, progress, and location. You can enter file notes of meetings and upload key documents to the employee's repository for easy access and reference. This ensures that you have a complete and accurate record of each employee's performance and progress, making it easier to manage their career development and support their professional growth.

Multi-Site / Multi-Business Support

Vizula MultiSite allows you to add an unlimited number of businesses and locations to your account, thereby building an accurate representation of your corporation. Each business can support a different currency and each location supports regional variations when using the HR Manager. In this way, a corporation can get a unified view of their business NPI across each or all business units.

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