Every product in Vizula contans a Product Requirements Document (PRD) which can be used by the Product Manager to define and manage a list of items which in turn, specifies the requirements of the product in as much detail as required by the business.


Each item in the PRD has a status as follows:-

The Product Manager is able to define the layout of the page, add new PRD items, edit existing items or delete items. The PRD is essentially fully controlled by the Product Manager with the exception of each item status.

PRD Layout. Each PRD is set by default to be called a Product Requirements Document, with two columns, the first called 'Requirement' and the second called 'Value'. However, these items can be customised, eg to call it a 'Product Specification' rather than a 'Product Requirements Document'.

Adding a PRD Item.

Editing a PRD Item.

Deleting a PRD Item.

Filtering PRD Items.The specification items can be filtered by status value type by clicking on the relevant icon in the filter:-

Reordering PRD Items.

Changing the PRD Item Status.Only the designated Project Manager is able to change the PRD status.

Downloading a CSV file. A full PRD can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the download icon .

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