Whether you are working in pounds, euros or dollars, Vizula supports multiple currencies. Monthly exchange rates are automatically added to Vizula at the end of each month, based on OFX rates.

Vizula supports multiple currencies, currently:
GBP - Great British Pounds
EUR - Euro
USD - US Dollars
JPY - Japanese Yen
CHF - Swiss Francs
AUD - Australian dollars
More currencies can be supported by request.

Financial Calculations

Internally, all financial calculations in Vizula are converted to a unified currency using monthly currency data from the OFX exchange rate platform. This consolidates all revenues, profits and costs into a standard which can then be displayed to the user in any chosen currency, called the 'View Currency'.

Base Currency

For Vizula Solo and Vizula Team customers, the base currency is set in the Settings menu.
For Vizula SME and Vizula MultiSite customers, the base currency is set in each business.

View Currency

The View Currency is set for each user and defines what currency is displayed in major Vizula calculations, primarily the NPI Dashboard. It is defaulted to GBP upon account activation, but can be set to any of the supported currencies via the 'Settings' menu.

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