Every product in Vizula contains a Key Dependency List (KDL) which can be used by the Project Manager to manage a list of key dependencies which may be critical to the ongoing and consistent supply of product once the project has moved into the sales phase. The KDL can be utilised as much or as little as is determined useful by the Project Management team.

In addition to these five fields, the key component also holds a 'Priority' value which describes the importance / priority of the key dependency.

Adding a Key Component from the Library

Editing a Key Component Notes & Quantity.

Adding a Library Item from the KDL

Reordering the KDL.

Filtering the KDLThe KCL can be filtered by status value type by clicking on the relevant icon in the filter:-

Deleting a Key Dependency

Downloading a CSV file Click on the download icon to download the full KCL as a csv file.

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